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Rice varieties

Traditional rice

Merlano rice is stone husked, selected with patient care, packed and checked with forefront methods to guarantee high quality results.
Packaging 500 g / 1 kg: ATM Protected Atmosphere

“Carnaroli rice” is the most appreciated of Italian production. Its success is due to the excellent cooking performance. Suitable for risotto is able to enhance flavors and different ingredients like mushrooms, saffron, vegetables, fish and cheese. Excellent with legumes. Ideal for salads: the grains are compact, shelled and you can make tasty recipes and also successful with a few simple ingredients.

The rice Arborio takes its name form a small town in the Vercelli area. Its versatile characteristics made it one of the most appreciated rice in the kitchen. It has big grains, its heard remains “al dente” while the outside part release starch. This allow to obtain creamy risotti. Its characteristics made it one of the most famous Italian rice abroad. Ideal for creamy risotti.


The Wholemeal Rice is obtained through its refining process, which is limited to only eliminating outer shell of the grain without removing the layers rich in fiber, protein and minerals, useful for better organic results.

Thai rice is a valuable rice of Thai origins. It is delicate in flavour and has a particular natural scent while cooked. It retains a good consistancy when steamed and its characteristics are highlighted if served with pilar, a typical indian dish. Excellent in rice salads and as a side dish for cold dishes.

“BALDO rice” is one of the most delicious among the best qualities in Italy. It is a very matching one and it has a highstandard cooking proof. It is especially suitable for risotto and like all the cristylline types of rice. It is used for salads. The rice grain is notably dense and for this reason it is particulary required for English rice dihes.

The literal translation of Basmati is “Scented”, queen of Indian rice, where the name refers to its characteristic and unmistakable scent. The Italian version of this rice maintains the same aromatic and noble characteristics as the Basmati Rice from Punjab and from Pakistan.

PARBOILED RICE undergoes a particular process, which helps to obtain nutritional values almost equal to wholemeal rice. The ‘Parboiling’ process, where the name originates from, predicts that the grains are soaked in water, steamed, dried, peeled and bleached in a traditional way. In brief, the parboiling process consists in semicooked or semi-heated rice, which allows the grains to retain all nutritional values, which are normally lost during cooking. Thanks to this technique, parboiled rice has reduced cooking times and it does not overcook, an ideal characteristic for the creation or fast recipes and for refrigeration.

Born between a crossbreed between Vialone and Nano, this rice is one of the older variety obtained through hybridisation. Characteristic of the Mantova and Verona region, the Vialone Nano is very versatile, being suitable for risotto and also for other recipes. Its large shape and round grains, make it suitable for regional soups, however it is also widely used in salads and sweets.

Particular rice

Per piatti sfiziosi e di qualità

The “ROSSO” aquire its name thanks to the natural color of its ruby red grains. It is a wholemeal rice which had its external coating removed, retaining its properties rich in fibre, proteins and minerals; it is nutritious and highly digestible, helping the digestive system. It is ideally servedwith fish and cheese, but also excellent combined to vegetables or simply boiled and flavored as desired.

The Merlano FRAGRANCE rice belongs to the Italian excellences. Fruit of a careful selection of the best crops, only lots with high quality are processed, a steady search for perfection keeping however values and traditions. Thanks to its intensive aroma it is a perfect alternative to the traditional boiled or damped rice. The processing technology allow the grain to keep its consistence and to hold in cooking. Perfect as side dish with fish or vegetables or as salad, very nice served with exotic fruits. It is possible to prepare delicious recipes just with few and simple ingredients. “THERE IS NO COMPARISON”

The Sushi is a typical Japanese dish prepared with rice and other ingredients like raw fish, nori seaweed and vegetables. Ingredients and presentation can be various but the main ingredient for all sushi is rice. Usually prepared with raw fish it can also be made with cooked ingredients or vegetables. Sliced raw fish served without rice is called “sashimi”. Sushi is often served with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

“Viola” rice is an aromatic variety, with purple colored ebony grains, cultivated in the heart of the Vercellese countryside and selected by us. Its fragrance is fully released in cooking and the grains, intact and uncooked, absorb flavors and condiments while maintaining the characteristic aromatic note to hazelnut. It is a healthy food, rich in magnesium, antioxidant, nutritious and highly digestible with a good seal in cooking. Ideal if combined with meat and fish dishes, for an elegant variation of rice salad, pilaf and delicious risottos. To taste its extraordinary aroma it is advisable to boil it and season it simply with oil and Parmesan.

“Orange Nori” is a native variety of ITALIAN aromatic whole meal orange rice. The careful selection of seeds and the processing of the product are the result of the Quality Chain that Riseria Merlano guarantees from the field to the packaging. Orange Nori may seem like a common rice, but when it is milled, the grains reveal an unexpectedly orange pericarp. In cooking it preserves whole grains that absorb the flavors and condiments keeping the original fragrance. Ideal as a side dish for both meat and fish, for the preparation of rice salads, pilaf and also for risotto. If you want to appreciate all the aromatic and full flavor, the advice is to make it boil and season it only with extra virgin olive oil and some cheese.